The Crest

This consists of a male Magnificent Frigate Bird with outstretched wings depicting the idea of freedom under the law with a red throat patch in its breeding season, perched on a gold balance on a wreath alternatively gold and red.

The Supporters

On the left side a man dressed in a hat and wearing trousers and the sleeves of his open shirt rolled and holding in his hand and resting his foot on an agricultural fork. On the right side a woman dressed in a tartan pattered jupe with bodice and petticoat, wearing a head-dress of Madras cloth and holding in her hand a star-apple plant. The growing plant in the hand of the woman is the symbol of fertility and represents the verdant flora of the region. The man and the woman represent the foundation of the West Indian family life and depict the idea of the law being made by and for the people.

The Badge

This consist of a gold disc powered with black ermine spots thereon two caimite or star-apple leaves, the one on the left showing the upper side and the one on the right showing the under side.